Anadolu Medical Center: Your healthcare destination

Anadolu Medical Center combines first-rate medical expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide world-class care for patients from all over the globe.

Anadolu Medical Center (AMC) has made it its mission to improve the quality of life for everyone it serves by providing world-class healthcare in a caring, patient-centred environment. It aims to deliver state-of-the-art healthcare – whether patients travel from within Türkiye or abroad. Since August 2002, AMC has been affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine. This brings a host of benefits, and when they’re combined with experienced doctors, advanced technology and a dedicated team for international patients, AMC is your first choice for quality, affordable medical care. The blueprint of the building– which is set in 42 acres –was planned with Johns Hopkins, so patient flow and comfort was a priority right from the start. For example, there is a separate entrance for cancer patients undergoing treatment, in order to minimise exposure to infection when their immune levels are low. The landscape is peaceful, with all inpatient rooms having a sea view. Johns Hopkins plays an active role, including licensing, educational, consulting and patient services. It is on the hospital board and there is direct, ongoing consultation between AMC and Hopkins executives. The hospital and its teams understand that the care and wellbeing of the patient is supported by their loved ones, and does all it can to ensure they are given every assistance – both practical and emotional. Each international patient is assigned a personal care coordinator, who does their utmost to support and guide them through their treatment.

The first step towards treatment at Anadolu may well be a medical second opinion (MSO). This free service can be carried out by email or phone, and the case will be assigned to a specialist in the relevant field, who will review it and submit an MSO to the patient. If he or she has any questions the team will work with them until they are confident they are making the right choice for them and their health.

To help potential patients make an informed decision, the AMC website has created a video site www.anadolumedicalcenter. tv. Viewers can learn doctors’ opinions issues such as cancer management, the significance of early diagnosis, approaches in brain tumour management, technological achievements in abdominal and chest surgeries, and more.

Patient testimonials offer information on conditions at the hospital, as well as the medical team’s attitude. On a practical level, the site has videos that cover all the stages of a patient’s stay at AMC, from travel, welcome and transfer, to reservation and appointments, the provision of an interpreter and personal coordinator, and finally payments and currency exchange.

An on-campus five-star hotel reserved for the families of international patients means loved ones can be within walking distance of the hospital. For those who prefer not to stay on campus, special rates can be arranged with neighbouring hotels. If a family needs to live nearby for a longer term, the team will help to find them a home to rent, even negotiating with the landlord to make the process as stress-free as possible. There is also a travel agency representative in the hospital, ready to take care of any arrangements you might need to make.

AMC has several centres of excellence, for example oncology. It is a specialist in cancer pain management and has a dedicated oncology psychologist. In terms of technology, it was the first centre in Türkiye – and the fourth in Europe– to acquire the Cyberknife. This non-invasive alternative to surgery for the treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous tumours anywhere in the body delivers beams of high-dose radiation to tumours with extreme accuracy. Since its arrival at the hospital in 2005 it has successfully treated hundreds of patients from more than 20 countries. Another form of advanced technology used by clinicians is TrueBeam STx, which allows them to target tumours in difficult or hard-to-reach areas, using sophisticated imaging technology to capture images of a tumour, even when it moves due to natural breathing patterns.

The hospital also leads the way in robotic surgery, which has several benefits for the patient such as reduced blood loss – making it less likely a transfusion will be needed – less pain and therefore fewer painkillers, less risk of infection, and a shorter stay in hospital. The bone marrow transplantation programme, which started in 2010, is also a great success. Since 2010, there have been more than 1.000 bone marrow transplant cases performed in AMC, which is one of the highest rates in European clinics.

At AMC, top-quality care really is the priority, and with an international services team of 47 people speaking 18 languages – including eight who speak Arabic – a patient will never feel isolated or struggle to understand what their treatment options are. Not only will a patient feel they are in safe hands, they’ll know it.