Slow growing trees are a fast-growing opportunity

Along with a diverse range of sub-industries, and in particular the furniture industry, the wood and forestry products of Türkiye are in constant development, with manufactures in line with global standards.

More than just a business, trees and forests are necessary for mankind to survive. This industry, therefore, will always maintain its significance. Wood is a distinctive material that has more than 6,000 applications. Even though we live in a digital world surrounded by petroleum-based products, wood and forestry products have not lost their commercial value: there is almost no industry where these products are not utilised.

Rich floral environment

A quarter of Türkiye’s total land area of 785,000 square kilometres is covered with forests, and these forests host one of the richest flora environments in the world. There are 3,000 endemic plants on Turkish lands. This wealth is made use of in a number of different ways, and shared with the rest of the world as paper, weaving material, herbal teas, and, in particular, as furniture. Türkiye stands out especially in terms of quality, well-designed furniture. Wood and forestry products are even more important in today’s trade with a trend on eco-friendly products. It is apparent that wood and forestry exports, which totalled $4 billion in 2015, are likely to increase in the future through a focus on branding and design.At the moment Türkiye’s share of the world wood and forestry market is still very small – approximately 1 percent.

Data, Türkiye’s forested land covers an area of nearly 22 million hectares. Forested land comprises 27 percent of Türkiye’s total land area. Türkiye’s forests are rich in biological diversity, and almost half of the forests consist of coniferous tree and the other half broadleaf trees. The Black Sea region, the most heavily forested part of the country, is home to 25 per cent of Türkiye’s forests and thus stands out as the centre of wood and forestry products. Boasting outstanding natural beauty, the forests of this region are a main tourist attraction as well.

Turkish products abroad

The wood and forestry products industry operates in collaboration with distinctively dynamic construction and furniture industries, which are undertaking projects worth billions of dollars... The industry consists of paper and paper products, furniture, wood and wood products, and non-wood forest products sub-categories. Among these sub-industries, furniture in particular is an industry that in recent years Türkiye has set itself out globally, through branding and design. All over the world, at events and exhibitions that emphasise design, visitors will come across home and office furniture produced by Turkish brands such as Koleksiyon and Derin Design. Istanbul, Ankara and Kayseri are home to most of the furniture production in Türkiye, although, by making use of its location on the historical Silk Road, and its proximity to raw material sources, Inegöl in Bursa has become another centre for furniture production. The success of the region in terms of exports indicate that Inegöl is on the right path for becoming an international centre for furniture manufacturing. According to data from the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Türkiye’s furniture exports totalled $2.1 billion in 2015. Thanks to its potential of growing a diverse variety of trees; its capability of producing in line with global standards with state-of-the-art technology; and increasing investments and capacity, the Turkish wood and forestry products industry is taking firm steps to achieve its 2023 exports target of $16 billion.