Fulfilling one’s baby wish in Türkiye

Türkiye’s increasingly significant role in the global medical tourism market made it focus on various special sectors in healthcare where it shows remarkable expertise. One of them is fertility treatment including in-vitro-fertilisation.

Many couples in the Western world unable to have a baby have been getting highly frustrated about the costs of in-vitro-fertilisation, since most public or private healthcare insurances would only refund parts of the bill, if at all, and this only under certain preconditions. In many cases couples in fact get nothing back, so for them an artificial insemination blows a big hole in the family budget. Adding to that, there are lengthy waiting lists, and many in the West simply find the costs of repeated cycles unaffordable. Costs for in-vitro fertilisation in the US can reach up to $18,000, as per data provided by GlobalIVF, a consultancy specialised on medical fertility tourism. In Hong Kong and Singapore, costs would be around $10,000, in Canada and Australia around $7,000, and in Eastern Europe clinics still up to $5,000 for one cycle including fertility drugs. This can add up particularly when repeated cycles are needed. At Türkiye’s specialised in-vitro-fertilisation clinics, costs for a single cycle come at around $2,000, which makes the country – even when travel and lodging costs are being factored in – highly competitive in terms of top-standard fertility treatment. An all-inclusive treatment –a full procedure over several cycles – costs between $3,500 and $4,800. As with other medical treatments for foreigners in Türkiye, patients can register for a full-service package, which means they are welcomed at the airport and taken to their hotel where they receive instructions from a patient coordinator regarding when they should attend the clinic and what preparations are necessary. Depending on the clinic, packages prices may not include anaesthetics or sedatives or other drugs not directly related to the treatment, or hospital charges, if applicable, but all expenses including airfare would generally reach not more than a third of the expenses for the same treatment cycle in the US.

Specialisation and discipline

There are several highly specialised in-vitro fertilisation clinics in Türkiye, most of them in Istanbul, and some related to private hospitals. Doctors usually received their skills at renowned international universities and use state-of the art facilities and drugs. They normally work with a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses and embryologists to provide most comprehensive care to achieve a pregnancy. The common practice in Türkiye to have all-inclusive services would likely result in a package price that includes accommodation, domestic transport and the coordination of stay and treatment. Almost all clinics and hospitals catering to health tourists are cooperating with specialized travel agencies to make trips as stress-free as possible for patients.