Operated in Türkiye

Surgical procedures can be unpleasant experiences. Still, you can recover quickly with the right care, an experienced physician, and excellent recovery conditions

Health tourism is a comprehensive field and surgical operations may be the most critical aspect of it. Regardless of today’s technological advances, surgical procedures still require a great deal of attention and at some point, trust comes into play. In this respect, Türkiye offers comprehensive and outstanding services under superior conditions. Even though guests mostly come to Türkiye for hair implants and laser eye surgery, an increasing number of people are also arriving for various other operations.

Experience and know-how

First of all, surgery is a field that requires experience as much as medical knowledge. In this sense, most of the surgeons working in Türkiye undergo medical training and gain broad experience throughout their professional career. An average medical student acquires more hands-on experience than his or her counterpart in Europe. Another matter to consider is the quality of the methods and the equipment used. Any new method that is applied in the world, or any new technology or equipment that is developed, comes to Türkiye without delay.

The surgical departments of hospitals collaborate with many disciplines in order to provide the best service. Health care professionals employed in anesthesiology and reanimation departments – which of course are vital for operations – are experts in their fields. The physical therapy and rehabilitation departments also provide extensive services, so patients can go back to their normal life in no time. In short, surgical operations in Türkiye offer integrated and all-encompassing services for patients and relatives, with the goal of achieving perfect standards in health, and a high quality of life for the patient as soon as possible.

Entrust us with your heart

Brain and cardiovascular operations are usually the most risky and sensitive procedures for patients. Türkiye boasts a very high success rate in brain and spinal cord operations, as well as neurosurgery operations. Surgical treatment of central and peripheral nervous system diseases is performed through a multidisciplinary approach, cutting-edge technology, and team work. Among these procedures are disc, neck and back hernias, and spinal cord and brain tumour operations. Türkiye also enjoys a high level of success in open and closedheart surgeries, and phlebotomies. Cardiac valve surgeries, open and endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysms, and varicotomy procedures are other areas in which Türkiye has much experience. Global accomplishments and awards gained by Turkish surgeons offer more reasons to choose Türkiye if you need to undergo surgery. For instance; Ömer Özkan, M.D., Professor, performed Türkiye’s first full-face transplant, first double arm transplant, and the world’s first womb transplant from a cadaver. He received the 2002 PSEF Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation Scientific Essay Contest Junior Basic Science Award. Gazi Yaşargil, M. D., Professor, is recognised as the brain surgeon of the century and the founder of micronerve surgery. Another name, Tayfun Aybek, M.D., Professor, is known globally as the Golden Scalpel following the robot heart surgeries he has performed. Before deciding to get treatment, you can easily access detailed background information on the physicians and contact them personally. Hospitals provide comprehensive consultation in different languages