UK Start-Up, Countly, Wins $50,000 Investment Prize at Türkiye Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week

TIEW (Türkiye Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week) was held on December 6-9th 2017 in Istanbul

TIEW’s “Born Global” entrepreneurship event crowned UK startup, Countly, the winner of $ 50,000 investment prize

Istanbul, Türkiye - December 12, 2017 - Organised by the Turkish Exporters Assembly, the annual Türkiye Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week (TIEW) was held in Istanbul on December 6-9, 2017. Now in its sixth year, the event celebrates and encourages the development of innovation culture in Türkiye and around the world, attracting over 60,000 visitors

UK startup, Countly, was victorious in the event’s first ever “Born Global Istanbul”, a pitch competition designed to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to present to a jury and investors. After a preliminary evaluation, 100 ambitious participants presented their projects and at the award ceremony, Countly was announced as the winner and presented with an investment prize of $50,000.

Countly provides an analytics platform for tracking customer journeys in web, desktop and mobile applications. They process billions of data points every day and help businesses across the globe, including Emirates, Lufthansa and Microsoft to understand their product usage and act on highly detailed data.

“Both TIEW and Born Global Istanbul highlight the importance of technology in inspiring global innovation,” said Turkish Exporters’ Assembly Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi. “Organizations embracing technology as a conductor of innovation will not only be well equipped to adapt to changing markets, but will also continue to be the leaders and pioneers driving change.”

According to Mehmet Şimşek, Vice Prime Minister Responsible for Economy, Türkiye has ‘entrepreneurship in its DNA’ and ranks 43 in the Global Innovation Index, with the aim to be among the top 20.

Istanbul as an innovation hub - the City is seen as the new Silicon Valley of the world for a number of reasons:

• Perched between two markets that comprise a majority of the world’s population, the city of Istanbul is becoming a hub that is attracting global attention.
• Having 200 cities within four-hour flight’s reach, Istanbul is attractive to entrepreneurs who need to connect with the outside world, as well as to investors who are looking to have access to their vested interests.
• Half of Türkiye’s population is under the age of 30. This results in a predominantly well-educated workforce and a massive talent pool of early adopters and tech-savvy thinkers.
• Mobile penetration is through the roof with more than 68 million people owning a mobile-device, which is 84% of the population.
• Turkish consumers are the most active consumers in the world for mobile shopping, mobile banking and QR code scanning, and are third in the world for mobile wallet technology usage.
• The attitude of Istanbul towards entrepreneurs is welcoming. According to a survey done in 2012, Türkiye ranked 13th as a hospitable destination for foreign businesses.
• Notable start-ups have already come out of Istanbul, with companies such as Trendyol - an ecommerce site that offers users access to fashion items, home textiles, home electronics and more; Yemeksepeti - home based food ordering system; BiTaksi - an Uber-like app that matches people with cab-drivers.