Turkish Candy, Chocolate & Confectionery

With a long and illustrious history of producing mouth-watering treats, Türkiye is undoubtedly the capital of sweet when it comes to confectionary.

The sweet tradition, which started with Turkish Delight and halva and was historically enjoyed by royalty, is living its the most popular days inside and abroad Türkiye today and has since become one of the country's most important and fast-growing exports.

Industry Facts

Exported to 185 countries and regions
Top three candy confectionery importers: Iraq, USA, Saudi Arabia
1.50% of Türkiye's total export value
Top three chocolate confectionery importers: Iraq,Saudi Arabia, USA
1.2 million tons trade volume
Oter major export items: chewing gum, Turkish delight, halva, toffees and caramel
The most advanced technology in the region

Reasons Why You Should Prefer Turkish Candy Chocolate & Confectionery

Best product quality

Wide variety of products and competitive prices

International product standards

Leading producers and suppliers

Blend of modern technology and traditional production methods

Increasing market potential and dynamic population

Perfect blend of dynamism and multi-continental exporting experience

Proximity to major import markets

Strong potential for growth in tourism

High production capacity