Turkish Seafood and Animal Products

Türkiye, presents a sumptuous feast for the healthy nutrition with her rapidly growing aquacultural, avicultural and apicultural facilities. Surrounded by almost 5,000 miles of coasts, and enriched by hundreds of rivers, lakes and ponds, she is indisputedly one of the leading actors in aquaculture.

With EU-compliant regulations and her rapidly developing facilities and technologies, she is in the global top ten of poultry and egg production. Türkiye boasts three thirds of the world’s pollen plants, not to mention a rich flora, transitional ecology and colony population to secure a massive apicultural potential.

Product Range

  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Fresh Water Fish
  • Eggs
  • Dairy Products

Industry Facts

Seafood and fresh water fish exports to more than 90 countries
Natural honey exports to more than 50 countries
Dairy products include cheese as much as are niche products yoghurt, ayran and kefir
Ranks at #22 in the international and #2 in the EU scale
World’s 2nd largest producer of honey and pine honey
Egg exports to more than 40 countries
World leader in the export of trout, sea bass and sea bream
Milk and dairy products export to more than 95 countries
World’s 4th largest exporter of eggs
500 aquatic species
Türkiye is among the top 10 raw milk producers
Poultry exports to more than 80 countries
Luxury gourmet production of sand mussels, clams, shrimps, octopuses, forg legs, blue crabs and escargots
Raw milk has the highest production value in all animal products
World’s 9th largest producer in poultry

Reasons Why You Should Prefer Turkish Seafood & Animal Products

Ultimate bio-diversity

High product quality

Exquisite taste and flavor

Modern infrastructure

Advanced mixed feed technology

Cost benefits

Dynamic entrepreneurship

Proximity to major markets and logistic advantages

Ease and speed of fresh supply

High quality standards